(PP) Woody and Buzz Confetti Bubble Celebrate Everyday Prototype

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This PP or Pin Prototype stamped Disney pin for sale features a 3D pin on pin element large plastic bubble or globe with lots of colorful confetti loose inside so when you shake it it's like a snowglobe. This one has Buzz Lightyear and Woody from Toy Story representing the "Celebrate Everyday" Disney Event in 2009. This is a super Rare PP or Pre Production stamped pin and is actually different than the design they ended up manufacturing. The background inside this PP has all red on top with 4 pale blue triangles in the middle and solid blue sides, and a lot more confetti. The regular LE version you could buy has smaller blue diamonds on the sides and more of the white/pale blue color. Very cool and unusual, please see photos for an example picture!!  These are Limited Edition of 2000 but the PP ones are LE of only around 40.

~ Guaranteed Authentic and Scrapper-Free ~

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