Fawn Green Monorail Gold Card Pixie Hollow

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This rare Disney pin for sale features one of the fairies from Tinker Bell Pixie Hollow, standing in front of a large white WDW Monorail with a Green stripe. The monorail has pretty purple windows with flowers and swirls. This is from a 5 pc set that features Tinker Bell and her friends on a monorail that connects together like a train or puzzle. Each piece has magnets in the ends to connect them. Fawn is the brown and orange fairy and is train pin # 4 of 5. Limited Edition of 1000, retired Gold Card pin from 2009. Very hard to find and large, almost 2" wide, with 2 pin posts on the back. This is only for Fawn.

~ Guaranteed Authentic and Scrapper-Free ~

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