Buyer Beware - Disney Pin Trading Lots

Posted by on 8/4/2017 to News

Authentic Pin Lots

You may or may-not know that there are fake or scrapper pins, as well as real or authentic pins, for sale and trade, and there are also fan made "Fantasy" pins that are not produced by Disney.

Most people who are trading for the first time in the Disney Parks and Resorts purchase pin lots before they go on vacation, it saves a lot of money because you can find them cheaper online.

What they don't know is that 98% of pin lots sold online at eBay and Amazon are fake scrapper pins.

Some people are against fake pins and don't want to ever own or trade them.

That is why Everything Disney Pins store offers real scrapper-free pin lots.

You can get 10 authentic real pins for only $30.00, just click here to see them.

If you choose to purchase and trade the fake pins Disney won't stop you, but you should try to buy real pins whenever possible to help the pin trading community out by only trading real scrapper-free pins at Disney Resort.

Buyer Beware - Disney Pin Trading Lots.

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Thanks! Elizabeth Donoho