Broken Mirror 6 Pin Set 13 Reflections of Evil

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This retired Disney Pin set for sale features 6 different character pins, each is supposed to be like a piece or shard of a cracked mirror or glass that fit together like a puzzle. When they are all together, they make a whole jumbo "Mirror".  You get these 6 character pins; Sorcerer Mickey, Minnie Mouse, Figment, Donald, Chip n Dale, and Goofy, each one is a Limited Release board chasers that was only at the Epcot pin event called "13 Reflections of Evil".  They have a gold detailed metal frame or border and the middle is metallic purple with a "13" in it. This set would be gorgeous framed and is very hard to find all together. These have a shiny coating and they are all in perfect condition from my own collection.

~ Guaranteed Authentic and Scrapper-Free ~

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