Donald Train Pocket Watch WDW Railroad

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This rare Disney pin for sale features a Walt Disney World 3D pin on pin element train stop watch with a hinged door that opens up, and a real chain connected to the top and bottom of the pin, like a real time piece. The door is beautiful aged silver Sculpted Metal that shows a steam train No. 4 - Roy O. from the Magic Kingdom, and says Walt Disney World Railroad. When you open it up you see Donald Duck dressed as a train engineer or conductor with a shovel and a bucket of coal. The other side of the door is also Sculpted Metal with the WDW letters but in the railroad font. Large, detailed, and retired from 2013. It is Limited Edition of 1000, from a set of 4 pins (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy).

~ Guaranteed Authentic and Scrapper-Free ~

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